Inspired by the seascapes of Renoir and the pared back luminosity of Cy Twombly, this is a large weighty tablet, shaped to resemble a canvas with the edges brought to a higher shine to frame each picture. On the Renoir side, I didn't bruise the silver but used over 10 different stamps for texture, along with a hole punch for stippling. Then very heavily oxidised and rubbed back in stages to capture the shade and detail. On the Twombly side, I used only one stamp to help give the "canvas" breath and a more ethereal movement. Then very heavily oxidised and rubbed back to give the monochrome background, bringing other areas of the silver through to give light. Finally, I took all the oxide from the edges as a means of framing. Hung on an 18 inch belcher chain. 40mm x 30mm and 2mm thick.


Hallmarked consisting of Maker's mark, Traditional Fineness mark, Millesimal Fineness mark, Assay Office mark and Date Letter mark.

'Renoir-Twombly' double pendant

SKU: RenoirTwomblyDoublePendant
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